On this webpage you will find the parts catalog for 1994 Dodge Dakota. Below you can choose from A/C and Heating: condenser, compressor, liquid line, suction line, evaporator, heater core, blower motor, fan, hvac box, a/c & heater controller, actuators for mode and blend doors, blower motor resistor, pressure switches and sensors, cabin filters and hvac seals.

1994 Dodge Dakota ALTERNATOR & STARTER: alternator, starter. AXLE/BRAKES: Anti-lock Brakes, brake components, hydraulic system, front brakes, hydraulic system, rear brakes, parking brake. FRONT DRIVE AXLE: drive axles, axle shafts and joints, differential, drive axles, front axle, and propeller shaft.

1994 Dodge Dakota UNIVERSALS & REAR AXLE: differential, propeller shaft, rear axle. BODY HARDWARE & TRIM: body hardware: door, front door, hood, tailgate. CAB: cowl top panel, rear header, window trim, latch, weather strip, glass. DOOR: belt weather strip, door trim panel, weather strip, door shell, outer panel, mirror glass, mirror, run channel, glass, front guide, window handle, slide, slide assembly, lift channel, hinge, lock, lock rod, striker, solenoid, cylinder & keys.

1994 Dodge Dakota FENDER: fender, fender liner. Front bumper, face bar, lower deflector. GRILLE: grille assy. HOOD: insulator, hinge, release cable. PICKUP BOX: splash shield, side panel, rocket, wheelhouse, tailgate, striker, cable, pivot, latch assy. REAR BUMPER: step pad, face bar. COOLING SYSTEM: Cooling; radiator support, center brace, lower cross member, radiator, radiator cap, lower hose, cap, cooling fan, shroud, serpentine belt, a/c belt, alternator belt, p/s belt, A.I.R. pump belt, water pump assembly, pulley. The cooling fan, cooling system, radiator, and water pump.

1994 Dodge Dakota ELECTRICAL & SENSORS: Electrical; body electrical, antenna & radio, door, chassis electrical, battery, bulbs, flashers, headlamps, horn, senders, switches, wipers, ignition system, distributor, ignition switch, distributor, ignition lock, ignition system, instrument and gauges, powertrain control, battery, hold down, alternator, ignition system, cap, ignition coil, control module, rotor, distributor assembly, antenna, bezel, mast, body & cable, horn, relay. EMISSION & EXHAUST: Emission system, air system, EGR system, emission system, vapor canister, emission components, vapor canister. EXHAUST SYSTEM; exhaust manifold, exhaust system, exhaust components, manifold, muffler, and converter. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: Automatic Transmission. CLUTCH: clutch and flywheel, hydraulic system. ENGINE; Camshaft & timing , crankshaft and bearing, cylinder head and valves, engine, lubrication, oil pan, oil pump, mounts, piston rings and bearings.

1994 Dodge Dakota ENGINE PARTS: Pulley, timing cover, oil pan, oil filter, crankshaft pulley. Tension pulley, vibration damper, upper timing cover, lower timing cover, timing belt, engine and transmission mounting, insulator, mount bracket, front mount, front support, air inlet, element. MAINTENANCE AND LUBRIATION: Engine service, filters, transmission, automatic transmission. MANUAL TRANSMISSION: Manual Transmission. TRANSFER CAS: Transfer case. FRAME: Frame and components; Support & assy. FUEL SYSTEM: fuel induction, fuel injection, throttle body, fuel supply, fuel system components, filler tube, heat shield, fuel tank, fuel cap, pocket, gauge.

1994 Dodge Dakota GLASS/COWL; Back glass, glass, weather strip. WINDSHIELD: glass, switch, mirror assembly, wiper & washer components, cap, washer pump, motor, nozzle, arm, blade. INTERIOR & SEATS: Console; center, arm rest pad. Instrument panel; latch, bezel, insert. Restraint Systems; front seat belts, seat belt assembly, rear seat belts, seat belt assy. LAMPS & LIGHTS: Front lamps; Headlamp components, door, adjust screw, sealed beam, fog lamps, bulb, park lamps, bulb, socket, lens & housing. REAR LAMPS: Tail lamps, tail lamp assembly, socket, license lamp, bulb.

1994 Dodge Dakota SUSPENSION & STEERING: Front suspension, lower control arm, stabilizer bar, suspension components, upper control arm, brake components, brake hose, hub & bearing, grease cap, wheel bearing, suspension components, knuckle, lower control arm, bumper, cross member, upper control arm, lower ball joint, upper ball joint, shock, stabilizer bar components, stabilizer bar, stabilizer link. Front axle, bearing, outer boot, gear, output shaft.

1994 Dodge Dakota REAR SUSPENSION: suspension components, brake components, brake hose, suspension components, shock, U-bolts, shackle, leaf spring, axel housing, bearing, axle shaft. Steering; p/s pump & hoses, steering gear and linkage. Steering column, steering column, shroud switches & levers, cap, ignition switch, wiper switch, signal switch, lock cover, dimmer switch, signal lever, shaft & internal components, sphere, coupling, lower coupling, upper coupling, housing & components, support, rack package, cylinder and keys. Steering and gear linkage, gear assembly, outer tie rod, pitman arm, sector shaft, pump & hoses, pulley, pressure hose. WHEELS: Wheel nut, valve stem, wheel, steel, covers & trim, center cap. MAINTENANCE: Air filter, belts, brake pads, cabin filter, 02 sensor, oil filter, pcv valve, radiator hose, timing belt.